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Press release – For Radio Stations Around The World

01/04/2018 Florentina Gale – General Manager In the status of official representative of the artist Maarten Sikke, I want to communicate the following informations: Starting September 28, 2015, Maarten Sikke will resume his artistic career and will begin a new series of shows entitled The Update Radio Show. This new set of shows will include collaborations with artists of electronic music from around the world and will be focused on musical genres House, Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, Dubstep including their subgenres. The format of the show will be in the following way: One radio show per month, with a duration of two hours of broadcasting; The radio show will promote exclusively artists and genres from electronic...

Retragerea urmată de motive / Withdrawal followed by reasons


Așa cum am anunțat sâmbătă într-un scurt mesaj, citez:

“EU Marian Haragos aka Maarten Sikke la sfarsitul acestui an, 31 dec. 2012 ma voi retrage total din muzica.

Motivele sunt multe si diverse, le voi prezenta peste cateva zile intr-un comunicat.

Dar tin sa mentionez ca proiectul (filmul) va fi dus la bun sfarsit si cel mai probabil ma veti mai vedea mixand doar o singura data de dupa data de 31 decembrie, ce, cum si unde, asta va fi surpriza momentului.”

First shots for movie


Yesterday we had start to shoting the first frames for the movie where I will play my own role.

In the movie will be presented the last three years of my life on music stage, but also in personal life.. more exactly, as i evolved in music.. I’ve been through.. collaborations.. then decay.. health problems.. depression.. deterrent.. surgerys.. etc.

Maarten Sikke | Booking & Contact

table { border-width:5px; border-style:dashed; } td { border-width:1px; border-style:dotted; } table{border-width:5px; border-style:dashed;} td { border-width:1px; border-style:dotted; }If you want to invite Maarten Sikke for a gig / in your radio show / to promote your track or you want to apply for a guestmix in his show than contact Maarten Sikke management team and we can help you with that.   Mircea Sala – General Manager –    Representative for next genres: Dubstep Drumstep Liquid sau Dark Drum and Bass Neurofunk – 0749581180 –  salamirceaadrian[at]yahoo[dot]com ...