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Changes and not only !

Changes and not only !

Hi there !

Last week, when i start again the collaboration with Bob Fontana, i promised some changes, so’.. as you can see, here on in last two days, we did some changes, and i hope to be a good changes for you, my dear friend/listner and fan.


From today, Maarten Sikke (me) and Bob Fontana, (my mate), we have united under one name, and this is The Mad Cats.

I know ! it’s a stranger name… but in same time, this name defines us, because we are little madness in our mixing style, and life, and.. again.. our designer could not make a logo that contains two totally different names (Maarten Sikke and Bob Fontana)  .. so this was one of the most important points for creating a logo and name under which to work together.. also we choise two cats to be our logo, the cat from the left is my cat, and the cat on the right is Bob’s cat.

So’.. from next week, all Trance Update Episodes, are made it by The Mad Cats, and soon, we hope to get an album together!

We hope to enjoy you with these new changes.


So for radio stations.. please .. change the name from Maarten Sikke to The Mad Cats in yours schedule.. and soon as possible you be able to receives from us a flyer with our radio show !

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