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[First Hour] Trance Update 150 EXCLUSIVE GuestMix: HORACE DAN D

[First Hour] Trance Update 150 EXCLUSIVE GuestMix: HORACE DAN D

flyer ep_150_web On this week [octomber 29 – 04 november, 2012] on Trance Update Episode 150 we have in first hour an exclusive guest mix from HORACE Dan D.
an romanian DJ and producers.



You can listen the radio show on:

PureSound.FM: Thursday at 2.00 PM (GMT+2) – Online:

Radio Transilvania Oradea: Sunday at 9.00 PM (GMT+2) – 97,2 FM or Online:




About Horace Dan D. – Biography

Horace Dan D

Horace had his first contact with electronic music in Germany in 1990 as he had the opportunity to listen tracks and dj sets at the regional, national radio and TV stations. A little bit later, he was charmed by the TV shows produced by Simone on MTV Europe where the Prodigy, SL 2 or Dr. Drevious video-versions of the tracks have brought him for ever on the electronic music side. 

In 1993 with the help of 2 friends, he put together an electronic music band called 4 Me Double; he also started his activity as a nonprofessional DJ at private parties. His radio debut was in the summer of 1995 as he produced the first electronic music show in Transylvania and the second in Romania. In December 1995 he organized the first electronic music party in Transylvania, called Rave Time. 

Since then, there are over 16 years of playing in clubs and at festivals in almost every major city in Romania. The success of some national and regional festivals like Delahoya, Transylvanian Summit and DJs Gathering is due to Horace Dan D contribution as DJ and promoter and to the CRS organization.

The difference between him and other romanian DJs from his generation are the enormous amount of bookings that he had and still has in clubs and at events outside Romania. Horace was the first Romanian DJ that had a tour outside Romania: June 2003 in Germany and August 2003 in Poland. Since then, he has often been invited to play in clubs and at events in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep., Spain, Serbia, France, Italy, etc.

Among the events where he played as Guest DJ, the most important are the Street Parade 2004 (Zürich 1 million people), Mayday Budapest 2005 (12.000 people) and Street Parade 2006 (Zürich 700.000 people), events where he was appreciated by the crowd as well by notorious DJs that shared the same stage.

Poland is for Horace the second country where he played a lot and where he gathered success. Until now, he performed at 16 events, being one of the main guests at 11 of them. 

In regards to his radio and TV appearance outside Romania, Horace Dan D. played at the radio-show Pitch Control produced by Chris Liebing and Pauli Steinbach (HR3-XXL). He was also invited at Radio RMI Poznan (Poland) and Masik Radio (Hungary). 

He also produced tracks that were released on the Romanian labels like Roton Music or Skills Records, on the Swedish label Dubok Sound, on Austrian labels like Petrol Dollar, on polish labels like Dirty Stuff, on german label Audiodevot and other trax are waiting to be released at different labels around the world.

He played with The Advent, Chris Liebing, UMEK, Funk D’Void, Paco Osuna, Pascal FEOS, Timo Maas, Dave Angel, Valentino Kanzyani, Octave One, Trevor Rockliffe, Oliver Hunteman, Tom Novy, Troy Pierce, Toni Rios, Redhead, Chris Liberator, Felix Kröcher, Samuel L. Session, Markantonio, Marco Lenzi, Tim Taylor, Marko Nastic, Lucca, Danillo Vigoritto, Alex Bau, Sven Dedek, Felipe, Tonio, Pero Fulhouse, Pet Duo, Pauli Steinbach, Basic Implant, D. Diggler, Freestylers & Jay Cunning, DJ Vini, Marcus James, Diana D’Rouz, My-T-Mike, Jay Base, Titanium live, Norman Austin, Funkmasters, and many, many more.

Horace Dan D. is playing only on turntables (even 3), performance that is being improved with a Cycloops and an Air FX. In the last time, he’s using also the new digital devices to improve his sets. He loves the music that has rhythm and makes you move. His performance is very dynamic. The music-styles he loves to play are techno (almost every type of techno) sometimes spiced with a little beat of acid.



Horace Dan D – Links



Horace Dan D – Discography


Solo productions:

“Inside-Out” (03.07.1999) taken from “R.F.O.A. 3 – The Sound Of Nature” (Skills Records)
“Delahoya 2000” (18.11.2000) taken from “Technodome” (Skills Records)
„Passing Thoughts” (2002) taken from „Mouse in House 5” (Roton Music)
„A Soft Travel” (march 2004)
„Delahoya 2004” (april 2004)
„I’m In the mood” under the name Technical Issue (mai 2004)
„I’m In the mood (Horace Dan D. Rmx)” under the name Technical Issue (december 2004)
the remix to the official Mayday Budapest 2005 anthem „We make the rules” (march 2005)
the remix to the Pytone’s “Secret Night” (december 2005)
the remix to the Technical Issue’s “Under” (january 2006)
„To the Airport” (april 2006) – (Skills Rec.)
the remix to the Technical Issue’s “The March” (may 2006) – (Skills Rec.)
„Pure Joy” (september 2006)
the remix to the Technical Issue’s “Fluid Streets” (may 2006) – (Skills Rec.)
remix to the Sven Gali’s “Synthsex Hotel” (aug. 2007)
remix to the Sead Redzic’s “Fall Back” (sept. 2007)
“Combo” (oct. 2008) (SKL014)
remix to the Volpuk “ Electronic Noise “ (febr. 2008) (SKL018)
“Modulate Me” (apr. 2008) (SKL019)
remix to the Roman Kramer’s “Time Out” (may 2008) (SKL 020)
“Dansez”on Delahoya 2009 Compilation (may 2009) (SKL024)
“Dansez rmxs ep” (nov. 2009) (SKL025)
“Rhythmic Dust 33” on Delahoya 2010 Compilation (may 2010) (SKL034)
“Chaa” (march 2011) (SKL048)
“Eep” on Delahoya 2010 Compilation (may 2011) (SKL049)
Collaborations, projects, etc. :
1994 – set up the 4 ME DOUBLE project together with DJ Pytone and Mihai Sorohan
February 1998 – founded TECH ON project together with DJ Pytone
iulie 1999 – founded D & J Underground project, together with Todd Jordax

Productions with other projects:

martie 1995 – launch of the single “U Got 2 Know” with 4 ME DOUBLE
05.09.1998 – inclusion of the track “Undermind” (TECH ON) on compilation North Influence
1 (Skills Records)
03.03.1999 – inclusion of the track “Intruder” (TECH ON) on compilation North Influence 2
(Skills Records)
03.07.1999 – inclusion of the track “Subliminal” (D & J UNDERGROUND) on compilation
R.F.O.A. 3 – The Sound Of Nature (Skills Records)
Co-writerr of the track “The Sound Of Nature” (1999) from compilation “Rave Family Open
Air 3 – The Sound Of Nature” (Skills Records)
Co-writer of the track “Passing Thoughts” (2002) on compilation „Mouse in House”
(released by Roton)
Live performances with other projects:
1995 – with 4 ME DOUBLE at different cultural manifestations in Cluj-Napoca
31.05.1997 – together with 4 ME DOUBLE at C.R.S. Mega Rave 1
10.05.1998 – together with TECH ON at C.R.S. Mega Rave 2

Other solo projects:


Productions with other projects:

“It’s Real” (MINDDIGER) – compilation North Influence 1 (Skills Records)
“A Tears” (PRANA BINDU) – compilation North Influence 2 (Skills Records)
“Opening Gates” (PRANA BINDU) – compilation Technodome (Skills Records)
„My E-Guittar” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (april 2004)
„I’m in the Mood” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (april 2004)
“Easy” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (september 2005)
“Bad Day” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (september 2005)
“A Soft Travel” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (october 2005)
remix to Pytone’s Track “Secret Night” (december 2005)
“Under” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (ianuary 2006)
„The March” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (may 2006)
„Remember the Spring” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (september 2006)
remix to Mihai Popoviciu’s “Sharp” (november 2006)
„Fluid Streets” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (december 2006)
“Xilophone vs. Hard Synth” (TECHNICAL ISSUE) (oct. 2007) (SKL014)
“The Party Is not Over” (nov. 2008)
remix to the Razor Racun’s „Atmotele” (Petrol Dollar Rec.) (nov. 2008)



Horace Dan D – Video


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