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Maarten Sikke – Interviewed by TranceSound

Maarten Sikke – Interviewed by TranceSound

TranceSound: Hello Maarten Sikke, welcome !

Maarten SIkke: Hi TranceSound !

TranceSound: Tell us a few words about yourself. How did you develop the passion for trance music?

Maarten SIkke: Well, i`m a man like any other, i was borned like the rest, and i`m going to die the same. My real name is Haragos Marian and in our world of music i`m knowed as Maarten Sikke, i`m from Oradea and i`m 20 years old.
My passion for trance music began as follows:
It all started in the summer of 2008, by july, talking with my good friend DJ Adi Filip from Radio Transilvania Oradea about electronic music and Romanian hip-hop, i at that time practicing censorship in the Romanian hip-hop songs…

After much chatter, ideas and contradictions, he convinced me to do a mix set, with pieces from elektro genre.
The next day, after i prepared the tracks, i started mixing them. It was pretty hard for me, because i was moving from hip-hop genre to elektro, but not impossible!

After several hours i managed to put out my first mix set, and i think that moment marked my life, Adi was likely to motivate me and give me self confidence. He runned my mix on a national radio station, which made me more than happy. After a few weeks after my first mix, i met my friend Dj Bob Fontana, he was focused on Techno / Trance genre. Probably seeing in me an oasis of desire to affirm and of talent, he took the opportunity and helped me without me realizing … he made a mix set of vocal trance tracks, and gaved me for listening, he was counting on the fact that i`ll attach more to trance music, and he was right because after i heard that mix, easily and simple i was infected with a virus that was making me to listen just electronic and trance music.
Shortly after that, whitout having patience i maked my first Trance Mix.

TranceSound: First indirect contact with you was last year in the fall, what have you done since then and how did has 2009 ended as regards musical career plan ?

Maarten SIkke:  Short, 2009 was a big disaster for me, from private reasons, i was forced to take a break of 6 month, in which i lost 24 episodes. So, i don`t event wan`t to remember that year.

TranceSound: What was the leaving point for your show Trance Update ?

Maarten Sikke: Well…after i fell in love with electronic music, i started listening to various shows, like „Ferry Corsten Count Down”, „Club Life”, „Mussical Madness” and „ASOT”, listening to these shows, i was pretty much moved, so i decided to lauch a series of shows like those above and so appeared my show „Trance Update”, the first episod was dated in 20 December 2008.

TranceSound: Last year you released an album: Mashup Of My Soul.This year we find you ranked on the 9th place in the Top DJ List for Romania, which are your wishes for the future ?

Maarten Sikke: Yes in this year i`ve progressed quite much and thanks to my listeners i managed to get to Top 9 in Romania website The DJ List, and why to lie, it was quite a surprize for me, but it sounds like, after work comes reward. I think that my collaborations with guests from the show „Trance Update” helped me a lot and i have raised.
Probably you realize, this climb high enough to me, made me want more than that, and i hope next year to climb more in the top, and the following years to get top DJ Mag.

TranceSound: Looking at your website I understand that you’re going to give us a surprise, when are you expecting that we will have it ?

Maarten Sikke: Yes, as you can see the website is almost done, Friday ( 17/06 ) will be officially launched and i hope the new look will be more pleasant for my visitors.

TranceSound: Are you working at any project now ?

Maarten Sikke: Yes, i work on a new project, as you well know, early this year i took my first song „Depressed Mood”, this song was my first head-tail production.
Now i`m working on new songs, still i think if i`ll launch them all into one album or separately, as EP`s, meaning one original and 2 remixes.
The first production will probably come in September, there`s nothing sure yet, but i assure you that this year i`ll lauch something new.

TranceSound: What you do think about evolution of trance music in Romania ?

Maarten Sikke: As you know, i`m not very focused on Romania, when it comes for my productions, in Romania this music has a community too little, and probably it will stay like this many years, because as you well know, here`s a totally different genre to power so to speak. As you see only in well developed countries you`ll meet a great public which is opened for trance music, so how things go in Romania, probably it will take another 20 years to have our own public somewhat focused on this genre.

TranceSound: Thank you for the interview and good luck in the future.

Maarten SIkke: Also, thank you for the interview !

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