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Official Press Communication – MAARTEN SIKKE

Official Press Communication – MAARTEN SIKKE

This is an official communication from Maarten Sikke


Dear organizers and radio stations,

Today February 21, 2011 I decided to announce my retirement for a temporary period.

Because of my personal health problems, i’m not able to work in the music industry, and also my doctors advised me to take a break until my health problems are clarified.

I hope this withdrawal will take between two or three months, but it could take even longer, so I will come every month with new information on the blog.

Also, The Mad Cats project, will continue without me, and i will be replaced by my good friend and mate, Nameless, also the Trance Update radio show will be distributed to the radio stations, as we have clarified.

From the next week, when will be broadcast Episode 084, the format will be Namless and Bob Fontana, together: THE MAD CATS.

I apologize to my listeners and radio stations, if in this period of collaboration i have done something wrong.
I hope I can return as soon possible on the music stage, with more energy and passion !


Maarten Sikke

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