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Press release – For Radio Stations Around The World

Press release – For Radio Stations Around The World

The Update Radio Show01/04/2018

Florentina Gale – General Manager

In the status of official representative of the artist Maarten Sikke, I want to communicate the following informations:

Starting September 28, 2015, Maarten Sikke will resume his artistic career and will begin a new series of shows entitled The Update Radio Show.

This new set of shows will include collaborations with artists of electronic music from around the world and will be focused on musical genres House, Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, Dubstep including their subgenres.

The format of the show will be in the following way:

  • One radio show per month, with a duration of two hours of broadcasting;
  • The radio show will promote exclusively artists and genres from electronic music;
  •  First time airtime will belongs to Maarten Sikke, where he will present the newest releases pieces of electronic music in the last months;
  •  In the second he will have exclusive guests like GuestMix and some of them will be interviewed;
  • Spoken language during the show will be English;
  • Each radio show will be sent toward radio stations every penultimate Sunday of the month;
  • The radio show will contain an intro and outro;
  • The radio show will contain its own commercials during the broadcasting with the name of the show;

For broadcasters who wants to listen a demo of the show just hit us with an request on the email mentioned above.

For more information and details please contact us via at office[at]