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The analysis results on the left eye

The analysis results on the left eye

As i promised, i will give you every month new information regarding my health, but because of my evolution disease, i can’t come up with new specs, just after 6 months. For unclear reasons, the doctors couldn’t certainly make a diagnosis, neither for the next weeks because the disease obstinate to show.


All the doctors were able to see was some symtoms of a disease called “keratoconus”, but they are not sure of that, i m just suspect of having this, that’s why the surgery can not be applied until the final determination of the disease, otherwise, i risk to never see again. So, i was scheduled over six months ago, when they believe that the disease will be visible and can diagnose certain and clear.

Keratoconus: Begins during puberty with an light loss of vision,ocular fatigue,
deformed images,photophobia,ocular iritation and frequently changing the glasses diopters.
In time(a few yeas),the view it reduces marked and it can’t be corected with lens,in consequences it
appears unclear images,deformed,duplicated.As mean the specialist,the cause of thinnig the cornea it’s not known.
It’s assumed that exists a genetic component(that’s why the hazard that the parents are transmiting the disease it’s about 10%),it can be
associated with other ocular disseases or other organs dissease.In case of transplant,the donor cornea it’s sampled and checked for quality
coresspondation.It’s been  stored in cornea banks from where it’s ordered at the planed moment of medical intervention.

The Keratoconus leads to blindness.

In conclusion,although the keratoconis it’s an affection that determins progressive  acuity of vision at young patients,practicaly the
actually correction possibilities with rough contact lenses just delays the moment of medical intervention.The success of this kind of
major intervention is high and the postoperative vision is allmost as the normal in condition of a accurate surgery and in a good
postoperative evolution without complications.The surgery it’s quite expensive,about 4000 euro/eye.

More on wikipedia


Until then i take a break for a week, then i’m back to work.

See you soon!


Meanwhile i consulted a specialist, and it seems that it’s all about that keratoconus, witch means i have less time to live in daylight.


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