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Tracklist&Download – Trance Update Episode 71 by The Mad Cats

Tracklist&Download – Trance Update Episode 71 by The Mad Cats

There’s a world of difference between what is and what might be.But a fact is, that The Mad Cats hit us again with a magnificient mix.

The Mad Cats Presents – Trance Update Episode 071


01.Mango, Kazusa – Asphalt Lines (Dezza ‘Grande Bold’ Mix)
02.Darwin &  Backwall feat. Kyamira – Lose My Mind  (Sebjak Remix)
03.Dinka feat Syntheticsax – Elements (Syntheticsax & EDXs Sunshine Remix)
04.DJ Salamandra – Driving Me Slowly (Original Mix)
05.J.O.C – Botnik (Original Mix)
06.Andre Frauenstein – Sofia (Original Mix)
07.Gofman & Tsukerman – One Thousand Moons
08.Leama & Moor – Everything Matters (Michael Badal Remix)
09.Rachael Starr – Till There Was You (Gabriel & Dresden 12 Step Remix)
10.Benny Benassi Feat. Channing – Come Fly Away ( Adam K & Soha Mix)
11.Mazzy Star – Into Dust (John O Callaghan Deep Dream Remix)
12.Mr. Sam – Mr.Sam feat. Claud9 – Cygnes (Original Mix)
13.Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon – Faces (Original Mix)
14.Shogun Feat Susie – Come With Me
15.Alex O’Rion – Gobsmacked (Original version)
16.Richard Durand – Dryland (Original Mix)
17.Signum feat. Kate Louise Smith – Liberate (David Forbes Remix)
18.Alex O’Rion – Stargeezer (Original Mix)
19.Tempo Giusto – Metropolitan (Alex O’Rion remix)
20.Menno De Jong – Sunset In Rio (Genix Remix)

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