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Trance Update 054 GuestMix MATT DAREY

Trance Update Episode 54 GuestMix MATT DAREY

Trance Update 054 GuestMix MATT DAREY

Trance Update Episode 54 GuestMix MATT DAREY On this week [august 02 – 06, 2010] in Trance update Episode 54 we have an awesome guest mix from Englesh UK DJ and producer Matt Darey..

You can listen the radio show on next links:

Trance Vibrations Radio [13.00 UTC+3] –  [Trance Sound Radio 22.00 UTC+3]

About Matt Darey – Discography

Matt has been one of the pioneers of today’s dance scene being a major influence on today’s world class DJ’s. Throughout his 18 year career of producing & writing house, trance, breaks and progressive Matt has sold well over 2 million albums & singles with numerous top 10 & top 20 chart hits. Matt Darey started his musical career back in 1992 when he released his own independent record and soon after signed his first major album deal with Warner Bro’s and Sire Records in NYC. Matt’s productions have been a major influence on many of today’s top DJ’s like Oakenfold, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond and many more. A chameleon of sound, Matt has produced everything from breaks to house to trance and progressive and was responsible for some of the pinnacle tracks and top ten chart hits to come from the scene. Constantly touring the globe Matt is respected as a leading DJ in the scene bringing a truly international & Multi genre flavour to his sets.

His Nocturnal radio show is now one of the worlds biggest specialist dance shows broadcast on 130 FM stations worldwide every week. Matt plays his own unique “Nocturnal” blend of many styles including electro, progressive house, breaks & trance. Matt’s new record label “Nocturnal Global” was launched in November 2009 to release his own projects and collaborations. The label reflects the styles of music played on the Nocturnal radio show, electro, progressive house, breaks & trance. The first few releases have blown up in club land gaining supporrt from all the main players in the industry. Watch the videos.

Matt Darey also has a live band project under his `Urban Astronauts` alias which fuses Indie guitar influences with EDM. Urban Astronauts on MySpace.

More info at:



Written & produced by Matt Darey

Dolf – La Funk La Freak [3 Beat] 1997
DSP – From Russia With Love [Liquid Asset] 1999
DSP – Intoxicate [Darey Products] 1999
Li Kwan – Point Zero 1994 [BMG]
Li Kwan – Point Zero 2004 [Darey Products]
Li Kwan – Point Zero 2006 [Darey Products]
Lost Tribe – Possessed [Darey Products] 2000
Lost Tribe – Under The Red Sea [Darey Products] 1996
Lost Tribe – Angel (original 1997 breaks mix) [Hooj / Darey Products]
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster 1996 [Hooj]
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster 1999 [Hooj]
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster 2003 [Darey Products / Liquid Asset]
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster 2006 [Darey Products / Liquid Asset]
Lost Tribe – Red Skin [Darey Products]1996
Lost Tribe – Sanctuary [Darey Products] 1996
M3 – Bialamos [Inferno / Darey Products] 1997
Matt Darey ft. Tiff Lacey – Always [Darey Products] 2005
Matt Darey ft. Tiff Lacey – Sum Of All Fears [Darey Products] 2007
Matt Darey ft. Izzy – Eternity [Darey Products] 2004
Matt Darey – Electro Buzz [Incentive]
Matt Darey ft. Marcella Woods – Voice Of An Angel [Incentive] 2001
Matt Darey ft. Marcella Woods – Beautiful [Incentive] 2000
Matt Darey ft. Marcella Woods – Liberation 2005 [Incentive]
Matt Darey ft. Marcella Woods – Liberation 1999 [Incentive]
Matt Darey – Moody [Incentive] 2001
Matt Darey – Nocturnal Delight [Incentive] 2001
MDM – Big Bad Bassline [BMG] 2001
MDM – Mash It Up [BMG] 2001
Melt – Hard House Music [Code Blue / Warner] 1999
Sunburst ft Antoine & Marcia Juell – Beautiful Day 2007
Tekara – Breath In You [3 Beat] 1996
Tekara – Wanna Be An Angel [Platipus] 2000
Urban Astronauts – Animal 2009
Urban Astronauts – This Way 2009
Urban Astronauts – No Submission 2009
Urban Astronauts – Broken Wings 2009
Urban Astronauts – Reality Bites 2009
Urban Astronauts – New Horizon 2009
Urban Astronauts – Step Up to the Edge 2009
Urban Astronauts – Reverse Reality 2009
Urban Astronauts – See The Sun 2009
Urban Astronauts – See The Sun (Aurosonic remix) 2009
Urban Astronauts – See The Sun (Schodt remix) 2009
Urban Astronauts – See The Sun (Moonbeam remix) 2009

Remixed by Matt Darey

Agnelli & Nelson – El Nino [Extravaganza] 1997
ATB – 9pm (Till I Come) [Data] 1998
Ariel – Deep [London Records] 1996
BBAS – Got To Learn [Seka] 1994
Binary Finary – 1998 [Positiva] 1998
Blockster – Grooveline [Data] 1998
BBG – Let The Music Play [Universal] 1995
Delerium – Heavens Earth [Nettwerk] 1998
Erasure – Rapture [Mute] 1995
Erasure – Oh Lamour [Mute] 1995
Gabriel – Rise [BMG] 1999
Gigolo – Al Paradis [Code Blue] 1998
Gintaire – Earthless [Parlophone] 1998
Grace – Not Over Yet [Perfecto] 1998
Heliatropic – Alive [Multiply] 1997
Headstrong – Close Your Eyes [Darey Products] 1003
Level – Good Morning 1997
Mike Koglin – The Silence – Tekara (aka Matt Darey) (breaks mix) [Telstar] 1998
Moloko – The Time Is Now [Echo] 1998
Qui 3 – Stand Defiant [London] 1994
Ruff Drivers – Shame [Inferno] 1997
Slammer – Do You Wanna Funk [3 Beat] 1997
Space Brothers – Legacy [Manifesto] 1998
SunScream – Catch [5am] 1997
Tall Paul / Escrima – Deeper 1994
Three Drives – Grease 2000 [Hooj] 1997
Technique – You & Me [Creation] 1997
Techniquie – The Sun is Shining 1997
Tilt – Invisible [Hooj] 1998
Tin Tin Out – Strings For Yasmin [Virgin] 1998
Tin Tin Out – Sometimes [Virgin] 1998
Westbam – Wizzards Of The Sonic [A&M] 1997
Xstasia – The Sweetness Of You [Liquid Assett] 1997

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